Johnnie Johnson
Running for House District 5

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Five concerns:
  1. High food and gas prices
  2. School transparency
  3. Reduce small business regulations and taxes
  4. Homeless camping
  5. Illegal drug use and crime!
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  • People to help with marketing on social media.
  • People to make phone calls to encourage people in district 5 to vote for Johnnie!
  • People to go door to door to share hand bills, collect emails and ask for donations.
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2022 General Election Calendar and Information
Election Judge Position Information
Election Judge Job Fair Flyer

How I will Address My Five Concerns:

High food and gas prices

I will introduce bills that will reduce the Biden, Polis and Valdez fees on plastic bags from grocery stores and reduce taxes on gas. Also, remove the Polis/Valdez fees at the DMV.

School transparency

When I was in school, my mother would make surprise meetings to see what was really going on; and she would go to the PTA meetings as well. Now, because of COVID19, parents and grand parents have learned of the indoctrination that is going on in many of our state-run schools. If you're fine with that, no problem; but if you're not, then schools should be transparent, and we, the parents, should know what’s in the textbooks and what our children are being taught in the classroom. When I am House 5 elect, I will help pass bills to give the people the right to know, and provide vouchers where the money will follow the child, so you, the parent, have the final say concerning your child.

Reduce small business regulations and taxes

Before Polis/Valdez destroyed nonessential businesses during COVID19 and made sure 40 percent of them would never come back, we, the voters, said, "yes" to fracking and drilling for oil in Colorado. Polis/Valdez decided to drive these businesses out of our state with their regulations. I will sponsor bills to reverse these energy-killing laws back to what the people voted for! I will also sponsor bills to lower high charges for business license fees, as well as reduce small business taxes; and offer business owners a line of communication to house and senate members.

Homeless camping

I will partner with non-profits, like Step Denver, which have empty beds, and other groups to learn what the problems are and address each individual homeless person.

Illegal drug use and crime!

I will sponsor bills to go after the suppliers of the drugs. And, if they are here illegally, send them back to their country. If they are caught two times, after we have sent them back, then ten years in a federal prison. Part of this problem is because Colorado is a sanctuary state. We welcome those who want to live peacefully. I believe, if we are going to support illegals to work in our state, they should have photo IDs and pay their fair share of income taxes. And encourage them to do the paperwork to become legal.